Thank you for shopping at LS Cosmetics by Sweet & Scarce LTD! This section is for frequently asked questions from our amazing customers! As we continue to see the same questions arise, we will continue to add to this list. We hope you find this list helpful when inquiring about your orders or simply wanting general information about us as a business.


Who are we?

LS Cosmetics is a brand of Sweet & Scarce LTD, located in the UK REGISTERED UNDER NUMBER 13243236


Our management and customer service teams reside at Profile West, Suite 2, Floor 1, 950 Great West Road, Brentford, England, TW8 9ES; However, we have warehouses in Morocco, and that is where our warehouse teams reside.


Moroccan address: LS Cosmetics, Angle Boulevard Zerktouni and rue Goulmima, Résidence Jassim 2 Etage 6 Appt 17, Casablanca, Morocco.


The coronavirus is spreading so quickly that many borders are closing, THIS MAY AFFECT YOUR ORDER AND DELAY SHIPPING/DELIVERY TIMES.


Also, since the warehouse teams are practicing social distancing, it is very likely that if you order multiple items, they will be shipped in DIFFERENT PACKAGES. This means you might get multiple tracking numbers.


It could also affect your orders and extend delivery times. If you have any QUESTIONS, please let us know. All we ask is that you be patient as we go through these difficult times.



It all depends on when you place your order. If you order at the end of November or any time in December, it is possible… but IT IS NOT A GUARANTEE! Again, our packages are shipped internationally.


During the holiday season, everyone orders online. Letter carriers are overwhelmed with all the shipping they have to do. As a result, shipping and delivery takes a little longer. Consider all of this and the fact that you are ordering something shipped to you internationally.